The Republican Party of Polk County is the governing organization for the county party working with the Republican Party of Iowa to elect Republicans to office. The county party is responsible for developing and promoting the Republican political platform, organizing and running the Caucus in Polk County every two years,  as well as fundraising and election strategy for candidates.  The governing body (Central Committee) consists of two members elected from each precinct during the Caucus and will serve a two year term starting immediately after the Caucus.  This body is the contact back to their precincts and elects the Chairman and Co-Chairman, approves budgets and by-laws.  Polk County has 177 Precincts.   In addition during Caucus delegates are elected by their precinct to represent at the County, District and State Conventions.


Republican Party of Polk County Constitution

Republican Party of Polk County By-Laws

Republican Party of Polk County Platform - 2022