CAUCUS -> an in-person gathering / meeting in which local members of a political party register their preference (i.e., straw poll) among candidates running for office. Attendees also nominate and elect individuals to represent their precinct as a member of the county party's Central Committee.   

CAUCUS SITE / LOCATION -> a building that hosts the caucus gatherings. Each caucus site hosts one or more specific designated precinct(s) that are geographically nearby. The county party selects and reserves these sites and posts the locations throughout the county.  [ CAUCUS SITES ARE NOT YOUR TYPICAL POLLING PLACE!

  • POLLING PLACE / LOCATION -> a building that hosts voting during a certified, official election. The designated locations are identified and posted by the county auditor offices. [ DIFFERENT THAN CAUCUS SITES!
  • PRECINCT NUMBER -> a number assigned to a district of a city or town as defined for political purposes. This number is assigned to a resident based on a zip code and street address. [ DIFFERENT THAN HOUSE DISTRICTS! ]

CAUCUS SITE LEADER -> 1 or 2 designated, experienced people that oversee the entire caucus site, managing all precincts assigned to the site for group functions: attendee registration / voter registration, welcome, invocation, Pledge of Allegiance, coordination of all candidate speeches, coordination of voting and tabulation, and instruct individual precincts to break out for their precinct business.

CAUCUS CHAIR / SECRETARY -> precinct members who express the desire & knowledge to lead/chair/record activities at their individual precinct caucus. Each precinct begins caucus with a temporary chair and secretary until a caucus chair & secretary is voted upon. 

CAUCUS RECORDER -> a precinct member who is previously identified and specifically trained on the process of reporting caucus results to the state party.

CAUCUS VOLUNTEERS -> numerous individuals supporting specific caucus activities at a caucus site including - set-up/tear-down, attendee sign-in, voter registration, candidate nomination petitions, candidate collateral, paper ballot distribution and collection, vote counters, vote count validators, buck bag collectors. Caucus volunteers also participate/vote in their precinct caucus. 

PRECINCT REPRESENTATIVE / CENTRAL COMMITTEE MEMBER -> local grassroots people in each precinct elected at caucus to represent their precinct with voting rights and activist duties for matters involving their county party.  Represent their precinct at the county and state party conventions. 

BUBBLE SHEETS -> official Secretary of State printed sheets of registered voters in a designated geographic area which also serves as the official check-in sheets. "Bubble" refers to the hollow oval by each voter name that is filled in to designate caucus attendance. [ Never write within a bubble and bar codes! ]

VOTER REGISTRATION FORM -> official form to register for a political party. Individuals must be a registered Republicans to participate in the Republican Caucus. The form is used for: first-time registration, 17 yo if turning 18 by the November general election, existing registered voter with a change of address and /or change of political party. Form available at caucus site during the check-in / registration period (6PM - 7PM). Must be completed prior to the start of the caucus at 7PM CT. 

SURROGATE SPEAKER -> a high level / influential person selected by the presidential campaign to attend/speak for their candidate at caucus.

CAUCUS PRECINCT CAPTAIN -> local precinct people selected by a presidential campaign to actively support/volunteer, campaign, speak/read a letter on behalf of their candidate.

LINCOLN BUCK BAG -> a tradition of "passing the hat' to offset the county party expenses of hosting caucuses. Passed at the front-end of the individual precinct caucuses, average $20 per attendee and caucus chairs lead by example. Per state election law, any donation of $25 or more requires individual donor name and address. 


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